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​Dear Sir,
I am belongs to Jaipur Rajasthan. I was working in Zylog system India Ltd. Chennai Tamilnadu. This company is not given our salary last 6 months. And not given proper response. & sale out our all network and all setup. (Purchase person Ansh cyber cafe in Jaipur Rajasthan. contact person – Mr. Abhishek Gupta, Address – B-2, Nand plaza hawaa sadak 22 godown jaipur, contact no. 09828211176), and this person is committed given our salary but this time he is not ready give our pending salary. Both Parties are new-new planning. There are working 80 employees in Rajasthan. All employees pending the payment last 5 month.

Company Name- Zylog System India Ltd.
Address – 155, thirunballuver sallai, kumaran nagar, solingananur channei tamilnadu.
Contact Person & Mobile no.
1. Mr. Sudershan B. (chairmen) – 09600112121
2. Mr. Ramshesratnam (M.D.) – 09840100044
3. Mr. Sriram NR (Finance head) – 09677108102
4. Mr. Venktes TRM (General Manager) – 09345624948

So Please help all team this is humble request sir. ASAP

Note:- But this company still working in Chennai Location. and we were working In Wi5 Product.

वेतन के संबंध मे
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