1500 people cheated by builders scam

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Dear sir
I am working in a college as Asst professor. i have put my heard earned money in a housing project known as IONIC ECO city Virar in 2012 with a dream having own house in Mumbai. Along with me there are more than 200 invesor who have put their heard earned money but builder Mr. Azam khan and Tarik Chunawala has not started the project and sold to crystal homecon Mr. Vishram Sawant and further it was sold to Viva Project. Now approx more than 500 investor lost ther money with approx total valuation of 200 cr. In these investor there are personal from Army, Navy, some normal common man. we have further contributed money and file a case in Virar police station and Palghar SP office and ED. Court has given its direction to deposit the money but due to our weak judicial system all these builders are walking free and we are in state to loose our heard earned money.
SP palghar hasn’t taken any action and hasn’t initiated any constructive enquiry. we all know you are known for your results and action.
we all family of 5000 people will be highly obliged a small steps initiated by your office.

1500 people cheated by builders scam
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