a.c.Not cooling.Gas leaked two times

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– I had purchased one hitachi A.C 1.5 ton on 4th may 2015 from sales
It has arrived evening on the same day.
-A.C. installed on 5th may 2015. By the tech. of Hitachi co. It is found that there is no gas in the outer unit of the newly fitted A.C. The rep. has reported to Vadodara service centre in the noon time. The complaint No. is 15050506093. We had tried to contact in the next morning(6th-May) Vadodara office. Also contacted to customer care centre Mr.Ravi at 10.50AM. He said that the matter/complaint will be solved with in 48 hrs. And also the complaint given to Asoka team, Ticket no.2673116.
-I had contacted to cust. Care centre at 16.10 PM on 6th may -2015. They said that some updation is going on. So the work will be delayed.
-I had contacted to Sales corner. The above complaint had given at 15-40 PM. On 6th may 2015.Also contacted to Mr SAGAR(Manager) Hitachi Vadodara/Incharge.(Mob. No.9376979880. He has agreed to replace the unit within two days.
-I had contacted customer care and Hitachi head(SAGAR) many times on 8th May.
-SAGAR assured me that the unit will be replacement is in progress. It will be replaced with in two or three days(12 th or 13thth May-2015).
-I had contacted to sales corner Mrs. Roshni on 10th May 2015. She said that the unit will be replaced shortly.
-After several reminders finally the unit has arrived on 13th May 2015 and installed on 13th May 2015. The technicians asked for installation charges. But we had argued and the amount not given. During purchasing it is agreed that the installation is free of charge.
-The above correspondence was during peak summer at 42-45 degree temperature. Then what is the use of A.C .
– On 17th July I had complained to customer care centre about the No
cooling complaint Complaint no. 15071700340. Mehanics had arrived ,
checked and reported on 17/07/2015 that the gas has leaked.
Mechanics also reported to Vadodara office. In the evening the
message is received that the complaint is closed.
– I repeatedly lodged another complaint. Complaint no.15071703640 on
– I also contacted to Manager Hitachi Vadodara Mr Sanjay and given the
above complaint no. –This summer is gone. Not get the pleasure of
A.C this summer.
– Kindly replace the unit as early as possible.
– Delay in your side an attempt will be file the matter in consumer
MOB No.9428007908

a.c.Not cooling.Gas leaked two times
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