A defective car Hyundai i10 given by the dealer

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I have purchased the said car from the above mentioned dealer on 03.06.2015, which was a very bad day for me, as after purchase the car I faced lots of problems in running the said car as few are 1. Car is not taking pick-up ,2. On continuous running mode, the car speed automatically gets reduced
6.The car is stretching, in any way means that there will not be any control on the steering–This is very serious issue and it may cause a major accident. If any cause occurs due to this the Hyundai Company is responsible to bare all the life damage charges and things,Now, From the same day when I went to my house after taking possession of the car on 03.06.2015 evening at 18:00 Hrs., all problems has been started. Hence, on very next day I have lunch complaint 1-154461215 , I did not received call. I did not get any response till 09.05.2015 Therefore, I kept my car at your Hyundai show room till the mater is not been resolved by replacement of car.

A defective car Hyundai i10 given by the dealer
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