A local contractor demanding Rs. 2.00 lakh ransom for allowing usage of24 year old pathway

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I constructed a house in Kundapur town in Udupi district in 1992 and I have been using the 7 feet wise pathway in front of my house all these years. I am now 60 year old and since I was born in this place, I have been traversing this pathway ever since I was going to school about 55 years ago.
We had rented out the house all these years since 1992 as my husband was in employment in a nationalised bank and we were away from home all these years, mostly in north India. When my husband retired from his employment in 2011, we went to his place in 2014 for vacating the tenants and for planning to spend the rest of our retirement life in that house.
But, unfortunately, a wealthy and well-connected contractor, who had built a house on the other side of the pathway opposite my house, physically assaulted my then 63 year old husband, on 4.2.2014, claiming that the whole stretch of the pathway belonged to the family from whom he and a few others had purchased their individual pieces of land and constructed their houses and only we did not have the right of way now, 24 years after we built the house and used this pathway. He demanded Rs. 2.00 lakhs for allowing us right of way of this pathway. When we refused to pay up the sum, he started objecting to our walking this pathway, caused obstacles for movement of vehicles carrying goods and construction materials meant for our house. He starting throwing abuses at the tenants of our house. He scared away the workers of municipal office who came to lay water connection pipes to our house.
Please note that he bought his piece of land in November 1988, several months after we bought ours and constructed his house a few years after we built our house in 1992. His claim for ownership of the pathway is unjust and not supported by any documentary proof and it is purely a criminal act.
We filed complaints with the Municipal office, Kundapur, Tahsildar’s office, Kundapur, Sub-Inspector of Police, Kundapur, District commissioner, Udupi, Mr. Srinivas Shetty, MLA, Ms. Shobha Karandlaje, MP.
The Municipal Office washed off its hands by stating that the pathway is a private road. Tahsildar’s office sat on the complaint for almost 16 months without even acknowledging their receipt of it, DC’s office simply forwarded the complaint to the Tahsildar’s office and kept quite. Sub-Inspector of police only called this person to their office every time (nearly 3 complaints so far) we filed a complaint and held close door meetings only with him without calling us for discussion in his presence and kept giving us letters stating that they had warned him not to disturb peace in that area.
When he scared away the workers of municipal corporation who had come for laying water connection pipes, I made another complaint to the Chief Engineer, Municipal Corporation. The Engineer simply called this person to office, held discussions with him separately by keeping me away from the meeting and then told me to take back the deposit amount of Rs. 1500.00 which I had remitted about 15 days back for the water connection sanctioned by this office. I have yet to receive responses from the local MLA and the MP.
I am, therefore, requesting you to bestow your kind attention to my grievances and make a great favour to me by directing the officials of the departments concerned to resolve the issue without further delay.

A local contractor demanding Rs. 2.00 lakh ransom for allowing usage of24 year old pathway
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