About education system of private schools

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Honorable mam,
My name is sumati jain . i am living in surat. My 6 years daughter is studying in FOUNTAINHEAD SCHOOL SURAT. She is suffering from adhd problem . in this case the child is not able to consontrate and she gets suffered in studies. She have some hitting problems also and school complained us about this two times. First we take it casually but after they said they will not give her admission next year, we take it very seriously and consulted a doctor and now we are giving proper treatment, proper therapy, proper inviorment. The consullor of school tell us that now she is calm down and listing others . her hurting habits are reducing. But it will take some time according to doctor. But the school administration message us that we are not allow him in next grade.
We are from a very normal family and its been so much expensive for us to go and join another school. We have put all our savings for our daughter education but how we will manage now. When they give admission they said to us they are very good consullor in schools. By that time we also unknown about her illnesse. What we will do . please suggest us for the future of our daughter. Her name is WANYA.
Next session is about to start and we are felling very bad about our children.
Is this our education system does when there is something not good about children . we have done all EQ, IQ TESTS and all are normal. According to tests she have the right to take education in any normal school.
Please cosider this as priority and please do whatever’s possible.
Thankijg you

About education system of private schools
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