About LAVA mobiles,NOIDA and lava authorised service centre (Yashaswini communications) in ameerpet,Hyderabad.

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We have purchased lava iris 504Q ,IMEI 1:911321250001607 & IMEI 2:911321250102603 on 27/07/13 at sri divya mobiles ,banjara hills ,Hyderabad-34. After using for 4 months, the screen of the mobile was broken. We have enquired a lot for rectification. But we didn’t find any authorised service centre. After few months we found lava authorised service centre (Yashaswini communications) in ameerpet,Hyderabad. And we have approached Yashaswini communications for the lost part replacement,the respective service centre asked for 7 days of time for replace of part.But there is no response from their side.when ever I called to that service center,they asked 2 to 3days more time for replacement, Days went on ,I called many times to given phone numbers in receipt, but no response from service centre. I also directly approached so many times. After 1 month when I went to service centre and seriously asked about mobile status. The service centre people did not respond correctly, I got doubt that whether the mobile problem has rectified or not,so I called owner of that service centre Mr. sunil, he said the mobile is not ready and it takes some more time to rectify the problem. Because the mobile to be be send the company, I received one massage from lava care centre on 4-6-2015 at 11: 03:21 work order number is 510004292211, after 10 days when I again went to the service centre he (sunil) said that the mobile problem is rectified , then I verifying the mobile I observed that the mobile is not working properly , but he influenced me to take the mobile and I rejected, I asked for the proof of receipt that has sent the company but he refused, after a few minutes one technician came and shown the mobile status in online which stated that problem was un rectified and returned . But the service centre people tried to give the un rectified cell to me stating that the mobile problem rectified , so the yashaswini communications did not rectified , the problem and also tried to cheat me saying that the problem was rectified.In between this period I had under mental tension and a severe loss, because of travelling from my residential area to the service centre so many time and also lost my valuable time, in this between I request to do justice to me in which I had last my cell , valuable time,money and my mantel tension.
and my mobile no Is : 8686633433

About LAVA mobiles,NOIDA and lava authorised service centre (Yashaswini communications) in ameerpet,Hyderabad.
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