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hello sir, i chandan sharma want to share a problem about environment pollution in our area. I lived in ballabgarh distt. faridabad,haryana area. i lived here last 20 years and found only one problem is pollution. In our area we are getting every types of pollution like sound, air, and water pollution also. And there is no good garbage system where we can throw our garbage. And we have got the drainage system but it is not being properly service provided. we have lots of park in this area but there is no proper lights arrangements,not been cleaned properly and have none grasses and trees planted properly. in park there no proper facility of tap,jhulas,seating area etc. so i requested to you please look in to this matter seriously and take suitable action as soon as possible,so that in future we can have faith on you.

about pollution
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  1. satish

    Hello solar energy is so good so why all indian government office are not joint the solar power project


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