About Service issue related to Samsung Ref DC190L RR1915RCAVL/TL

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Respected Sir,
I am Parag BAdgujar (Pune, Maharashtra) 09227927969, facing Samsung Ref DC190L RR1915RCAVL/TL service issue from last 15 day. I am continiouslt call tool free no from last 15 day they just do verification and every date say “sorry for inconvenience” they not give any solution. me and my family face issue from last 15 day. i am also continiously call Maharashtra service team member Mr. Sukhesh, Mr. Gulam Mr. Govind, Mr Ashfak and many more also regarding this i am in touch with CEO office member Miss Sapana & Miss Shaveta Senior Executive, Customer Experience
Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. In his system they update wrong information, they not take nay update from customer. so through this system i assign my complains again all Maharshtra service team and toll free members. for your more reference i give you my customer complain no those given by me from toll free service of Samsung office 4212487891

About Service issue related to Samsung Ref DC190L RR1915RCAVL/TL
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