Abused and exploited by an advocate Sh. L.K. Singh , mob:’—

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I was practicing as a junior lawyer under Sh. L.K. Singh in 2009 to 2010 , he exploited me, mentally, physically, financially and sexually too , he made me work as his slave for more than two years without money . He use to indulge in fraud practice and use to exploit the client. As he has link with some Judges because his uncle Sh. J.P.Singh is a Judge in Delhi High Court and so know many senior lawyer , so for the sake of money he use to indulge in illegal practice like—- fraudulently withdrawing complain and forging of signature of clients. He has withdrawn as well as forge my signature in my personal case .
When I made a complain against him in 2012 he at once remove his name from Delhi Bar Council . Currently now again he not only started practicing in Delhi but again fraudulently withdrew my complain case without my knowledge or forging the signature before International Court of Justice. against P.M. Of India Sh. Narendra Modi. He was backed by my distant relative Sh. Rajiv Lochan and his family friend Sh. Arvind Kejriwal (now became C.M. Of Delhi ) . I withdrew the complain against him after revealing about Sh. Kejriwal and Sh. Rajiv Lochan in 2012 assuming that now as Sh. Kejriwal being a C.M. may not involve in conspiracy and may med his ways but still these persons are harassing me, looted more than one crore and has confined daughter.

Abused and exploited by an advocate Sh. L.K. Singh , mob:’—
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