Acer laptop sent for repair and technical team broke it and blaming on me

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I am writing regarding Acer customer service.

I recently purchased a Laptop from New York which I realised had a fault the Battery wasn’t charging and the key Board was messed up, and as it was an international purchase I couldn’t make a return or exchange easily so contacted Acer as the was under Warranty.

SO they asked me to send the Laptop to them which I did and , within 2 to 3 days I receive a letter saying that I need to pay as the LCD is broken, which I was a bit surprised as I only have problem with Battery and Keyboard, so called them on 08/7/2015 and spoke to someone called Vishal Gurung, and he said he will investigate this and call me back on 09/7/2015 or Friday latest, which he dint, so called him back on 13/7/2015 and he said the fault was not their side and the box in which I sent the Laptop was not damaged and I have to pay for the LCD, which I refused and asked him to send me pictures of Laptop and the Box in which I sent the Laptop and he refused to send me the box saying they may have recycled it.

So they send me pictures of broken screen Laptop which really shocked me, the body of email says the box was recycled, which I don’t really agree so called and spoke to him, and he still was blaming me for the damage.

And they clearly have destroyed the only evidence.

I really am frustrated its USD 900+ Laptop and I haven’t even used and this is what I am getting from ACER.

would recommend all people to take pictures of your laptop and the packaging before you send to these people who are clearly scamming people.

Vishal so called Manager could not keep his words clearly he was clearly reading out from the script written and handed to him. he was not able to answer any questions asked, he did not know the name of engineer to attended to my laptop first, who took the delivery.

absolute useless people.

Acer laptop sent for repair and technical team broke it and blaming on me
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