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Dear Sudhir,

how can zee news promote all this against the law

I am very angry and surprise what news u gave abt the girl in U.P hitting a boy in the police chowky, why coz sudhir u only think did tht girl did the right way hitting boy in front of the police inspector taking law in her hand. i was expecting tht u would say tht girl shouldnt have taken law in her hand or tht inspector would have handled rather tht girl but i was very disapointed to see the other part of ur news my 12 yr old son was watching this news imagine wht impact would be on him tht are the boys only bad. in this case ur showing tht kuch bhi ho jaye girls r decent and boys are bad, yeh toh yehi ho gaya ki ladke kuch kare ya na kare unko maar hi khani hai,
sudhirji aapne bahut galat news dikhayi hai kal im very upset with this

yeh dekh ki girls will get more inspiration and if imagine if the boy has nt done anything wrong then also anywhre the girls will start beating the boys.

and tht girl how can she take law in her hand woh peeche police wala he s laughing doing nothng woh nahi dikha aapko ki galat hua, bloody he should be suspended
hamesha girls cannot be right remember 1 thing.
there should be some law for boys also.

very bad news u showed and u wre so excited ki its a viral now. u wanted to promote ur news channel i think.

action against zee news
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