Action required against Homeshop18 and Spice Mobile

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I purchased a Mobile Phone- Spice (MI-401) from, the detail of which is furnished below:-

Product: Spice Mobile (MI-401)

Order No. 970057199

IMEI No. 911433751160749 / 756

Price: Rs. 2668/- (incl. All)

Order Date– 16.05.2015

Delivery date: 21.05.2015

But Unfortunately, I could not use it for a single day till date (4 months to go from the date of purchase) due to following problems found within a few days from the date of purchase:-

1. Speaker Problem.

2. Battery charging problem.

3. Phone gets heated.

I have brought the matter immediately to Homeshop18 customer care team through telephonic conversation as well as through e- mail. They told me to submit the set to nearest Spice service centre for repairing and I did the same.

1ST SERVICE status :-

Requested on: 04.06.15 (product submitted to Spice service centre at Belghoria – sheet attached)

Product delivered to me after- 25 days

After immediate receiving of the product from Spice service centre (at Belghoria) several new problems found (within 02-03 days) as follows:-

1. Full touch Screen problem.

2. Side switch not working

3. Gets hanged frequently

4. Incoming call not receivable. etc……

2nd SERVICE request

Requested on: 04.07.15 (product submitted to Spice service centre at Belghoria – sheet attached)

Product delivery: Pending and not assured delivery till date

After repeatedly informing & communicating through E-Mail as well as through telephonic conversation with Homeshop18 customer care team (proof of all the conversations are there on my E- mail and will be produced on demand by the authority ) it was assured by Homeshop18 customer care team as well as by SPICE SERVICE CENTRE to deliver the above mentioned product 1st within 15th of Aug’2015 & finally 18th Aug’2015 (besides, other dates of assurance were already failed previously). But no progress found till date neither from Homeshop18 team nor from Spice Service Centre.

The product is off worst in quality from the beginning and Service centre itself has been facing problems to repair the same (about 60 days gone) , I requested Homeshop18 to replace the same or to get my money back but they only commits for a new date of delivery and the process repeats itself . I have been suffering from mental as well as physical harassment for about 3 months from the date of purchase without a single day of usage of the product.

In this circumstances, it is not possible to use such a worst product which is difficult to repair or not repairable and I shall not take any risk for future usage, arising of further problems. I need my money back from Homeshop18 as early as possible without any further discussion.

The matter is now beyond discussion and your immediate action over the above mentioned issue will be solicited.

Waiting for your positive and prompt reply.

Biswajit Bose

Action required against Homeshop18 and Spice Mobile
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