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Respected Sir,
I have to state that I reside with my mother in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh and working as a Government Servant in North Eastern Railway, Gorakhpur since the year 2002.
I further have to state that I got married in the year 2003, but after spending 5 years with me, due to unknown issues my wife (DEEPA) left me in the year 2008 with my son aged 4 years at that time. Since then we tried many times to sort the things out but nothing convinced her for being together again with me. She filed a forged case against me in the Family Court, Gorakhpur with false charges in the year 2008. She had harassed me and my mother to such extreme that I decided to get separated from her and by consulting with my family I filed a case in the Family Court, Gorakhpur for getting divorce from her in the year 2010.
I further have to state that my case is pending and still going on since then, which means approx. 7 years. My last hearing date was on 16-07-2014 but no judge was present there for the hearing as such I had given next hearing date which is 22-10-2014. But no Judge is available in the Family Court, Gorakhpur till now, which seems to be predicted that I will get next date again without any proceeding on my case on the next Date.
I have to request and also complaint of slow running and proceeding of my case. The minimum time gap between two dates is always 3-4 months, which means in 3 dates a year will be passed. And as no judge has been appointed since 4 months, in the next date for my case hearing which is 22-10-2014 I will again get next date for hearing.
So kindly look into the matter that why no judge is joining since this long and if possible kindly help for sorting my case as early as possible.

Administration Problem
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