Against Jal Board, Kakrola Office, Matiala Constituency

Complaint Date:

I am the resident of B-Block, Patel Garden, Kakrola Extn. Our building consists 7 flats (builder construction).

Builder’s family stays at upper ground floor and two flats each on I, II & III floor.

There are already two motors/individual meter on MCD connection sanctioned in our building. I had applied for individual water connection for our flat on 9th July 2015.

On 2nd August, I received call from Mr. Rajbeer (engineer) regarding verification, during which he said that since our building has more than 6 flats hence individual connection cannot be given to any flat owner. On this, I mentioned that there are already two connections then he mentioned that may be those are sanctioned by mistake and shall be cancelled. For further, he asked us to come to office and speak further.

Next day when we visited his office, he said that the connection for our flat has been sanctioned and file has been sent to the diary office for further process. On asking the dispatch clerk, without checking the receiving of file, she said that if the file has come today then it will go for DC Charge and she asked us to come after few days.

Today (17 Aug) when we visited again, we got to know that no file was sent to diary/dispatch clerk. When we asked again to Mr. Rajbeer, he repeated again that in building having more than 6 flats, no individual connection can be sanctioned as per existing rules. When I mentioned what about the connections sanctioned in out building to other flat owners, first he mentioned that they will be cancelled, when I insisted on cancellation of the same and asked that when the cancellation will be done, he said the connection already issued may not be cancelled and new will not be issued as per the official circular. When I asked for copy of circular, he deviated the matter and said that in a week or so new circular will come and limit of connection per building will be increased from 6 to 10, then our request will be considered.

Dy. Chief Minister, is requested to please intervene in the matter to apprise us with the genuine ruling for sanction of water connection. If individual connection in building having more than 6 flats not allowed then why and how it has been sanctioned to other flat owners in same building? Or why we cannot get the individual connection?


Against Jal Board, Kakrola Office, Matiala Constituency
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