Against xolo mobile company

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Hello sir, good evening
This is rashid khan from aligarh, actually sir i purchased a mobile who’s EMI no. is 911387550350085 and model no is xolo 8x play 1100. I am facing some hardware issues since i bought this mobile. i have also visited xolo service center in aligarh several time but beside giving a damaged product they are even not cared about this.
But right now after receiving this phone from your center i start facing a unique problem which i never heard about it’s MAC address keep changing with every single reboot. And beside this the functionality of whole phone is disturbed.
On the other hand xolo customer care executive whose name was viveka looks like a untrained person asked me to edit mac address how it could be possible to change the mac address they should ask her. When i was not ready to hang up the phone without a solution someone was whispering “nhi rakh rha kya’ she added one more sentence “to tum kaat do”.

Thank you

Against xolo mobile company
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