Aircel services and call centre persons are and whole services are really wrost

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Dear Sir,

My Name Is Narendra Manepally and im an employee,

My cmplaint with Aircel signals at my work place, i dont get proper signals at my work place , so im changing to airtel, another complaint is out of hyderabad i dont get net activity,

i logged my mobile no portability request to Aircel Company on May 26th, and i waited two weeks for change again i called customer care department they said {Text PORT n Mobile no to 1900} i did that on 18June , again i called theire customer care department they said it will port on 24th June, it was no happend i went to aircel care at erragada they said, it will happened thru customer care department, on that day again he relogged my complaint, asusual i’ve called customer care department they said it will be disconected on 29june for sure, but not happend , again i called them, one of person said it will already disconected and cut the line ! but my mobile signals are still showing activated, again ihve called them, they said PORTING Is not happening, why those people are playnig with our time n our emotions

please help in this

Narendra Manepally
+91 8686744221

Aircel services and call centre persons are and whole services are really wrost
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3 Responses to “Aircel services and call centre persons are and whole services are really wrost”

  1. Aircel

    Hi Narendra Manepally,

    Thank you for reaching us at Social Care.

    We have forwarded your complaint to the concerned department and we will get back to you shortly with further updates.

    Kindly feel free to write to us at for any further assistance on this matter.

    We assure you a quick resolution and the best of services at all times.

    Thanks & Regards
    Customer Service Officer | Social Care Team
    Email us

  2. Aircel

    Hi Narendra Manepally ,

    We regret for the inconvenience caused.

    We would request you to write to us with the following details at for further assistance in this regard.

    · § Landmark:
    § Complete address:
    § Type of handset:
    § Alternate number:
    § Number of signals (0,1,2,3,4)
    § Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Basement, In car):
    § Wall type (Brick, Concrete):


  3. Abdul Azeez

    Hi this is Abdul Azeez from Bangalore my aircel number is 9066077564 for which it has been cancelled in july 2015 by paying the amount of 965 and providing my id proof for cancellation of my sim in fazer town for which it has been not cancelled by your executive sudenly after 2 months i received a sms by ur aircel customer care that amount is due so i visited to fazer town office he asked me to come next day i left my job and visited fazer town office for which he told me that he has sent a mail for delhi for my cancellation now i am getting a sms that my due is1115 for your kind information if u have such useless executive why do u appoint them if u want i can get u fazer town office number 9738092447 . i have a one more question to ask u why are u not submitting a invoice when we make a payement really horrible service from aircel thank god that i am no more in aircel


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