Amara Raja Battery cum Inverter Fake Bill

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I bought Amaraja inverter cum battery from Giri ( on 28 Feb 2015), who claims to be a distributor. Following are the details:
Battery :
Model/Type : TRTTEA 150AH
Sr.No # TTE02480104926
Date os Sale: 28 Feb 2015

880VA NOV – 14
Sr.No # A40A2K4001449

Distributor Details:
B . Giri,
9-1/2/32/1, Ganesh Nagar, Borabanda, Hyderabad – 500018.
Mob no : 8019570623/9440493620/9440370113.

He sold it for 20,500 /- rs and kept postponing when I asked every time about the bill. After repeated calls to him and customer care being ended up in vain, I threatened him of filing police complaint and consumer court. Finally he gave me the bill in the month of Apr 2015. Later I realized that its a fake bill where 3 digits were wrong in the battery serial number with no TIN or bill reg number on it. Its just a executive bond paper with a letter head and hand written details with no battery/inverter cost breakup in it. I called authorized dealer out of curiosity and learned that the original cost was 18,500 /- rs. So he exploited my goodwill and cheated 2000 /- rs :(
I called him again for original invoice but this time he said he will take the device back and return the amount. But it never happened till now. After repeated call backs, he now says that he don’t have money. Its a vicious circle, he neither gives bill nor will take it back.

I don’t understand how Amara Raja sells there equipment to these cheaters who can easily exploit their(Amara Raja’s) customers.

Before I file a complaint in consumer court, I thought of posting my experience to see just in case if someone from Amara Raja calls this person and helps me in getting valid invoice and return my extra amount 2000 /- paid to him.

Ravi A.

Amara Raja Battery cum Inverter Fake Bill
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