and their “seller” refusing return/refund

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I ordered an item from but I found the same item at a cheaper price in site and bought that one and cancelled the previous order and I asked for a refund to The order was supposed to be fulfilled by their seller one “iBhejo”

Although is the seller for me, this “seller” iBhejo is reluctant and I have had lot of interactions with escalation team regarding the item’s return and refund. It was shocking to note that item that came for delivery was in a pack without even mention of

I was not supposed to accept the packet of this particular item when arrived but as the packet did not mention anything about , my wife accepted that since I instructed her not to receive anything from only.

Now the seller iBhejo is asking me to return it to their Mumbai hub which I refuse to do. I placed the order with, I paid to and their seller iBhejo just does not exist for me and most of us who buy from Amazon.

It is now Amazon’s moral responsibility to resolve the issue by arranging to take the item back and give the refund.

Amazon should give priority to their buyers than sellers. and their “seller” refusing return/refund
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