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Respected All,

Most respectfully I would like to present an issue before you all in concern to the above mentioned subject.

I myself (Atanu Roy) is a regular employee of ADLS Sunshine School, Sakchi, Jamshedpur-831001, Jharkhand (School Office Ph. Number: 0657-2432904) and is working in the institution since last 7 years (2008 to 2015) as a typist cum data entry operator.

The person Mr. M. Ravi Kumar is the Hony. Secretary of ADLS Sunshine School. He himself works in Tata Steel Ltd. Jamshedpur. His details are under mentioned as follows:

M Ravi Kumar
Add:- house no- 00061, street h-6 type , hume pipe road Sakchi
P.No :- 118859
Mobile :- 9431180661
Dept:- Supply Management

Mr. M. Ravi Kumar, being the Hony. Secretary of ADLS Sunshine School, has insulted and used embarrassing languages to me many times. He is also very rude in his approaches towards me. In recent days I have faced many such pre-planned scripted allegations and incidents which were intentionally imposed on me by the Hony. Secretary of the School. I am attaching Annexure 1 & 2 for your ready reference. After going through the annexure you can understand the harsh situations created/done by Mr. M. Ravi Kumar against me.

Now, on 17th August 2015, I was suddenly informed by the Principal of ADLS Sunshine School that my job profile was changed by the Hony. Secretary Mr. M. Ravi Kumar.
Mr. M. Ravi Kumar has changed my work responsibility without any valid reason. The job responsibility which I was handling since last 7 years, has been taken back from me just because of the personal issues of Mr. M. Ravi Kumar (Hony. Secretary ADLS Sunshine School) against me and now he has given me the job of FRONT OFFICE.

As per the verbal statement of Mr. M. Ravi Kumar (Hony. Secretary ADLS Sunshine School), either I need to do the job of FRONT OFFICE, or I need to submit my resignation without any valid reason. Many times earlier also, he has put pressure on me to resign from the institution forcefully. He being a Secretary is continuously using his powers to deprive me from my job. It is completely not known to me that why my job profile has been changed.

This is totally not known to me that why this person (Mr. M. Ravi Kumar Hony. Secretary ADLS Sunshine School) always creates harsh situations in my Job career, though he himself is an employee of Tata Steel and is working under an esteemed leadership.

Very recently ADLS Sunshine School, has won the ISA (International School Award) British Council. During the preparations of the documents required for the project, I had given my relentless efforts for all kinds of work for the ISA. But now when the School has won the award, the Secretary of the School is continuously pressurizing me to do the job of FRONT OFFICE, the job which is not at all known to me, and pressuring me to put my resignation. My all efforts has gone in vain.

Mr. M. Ravi Kumar (Hony. Secretary ADLS Sunshine School) has also addressed me by using a very embarrassing statement “to be hanged upside down and bitten-up”. How could a Secretary approach to his employee in such a rude manner? This matter was informed by me verbally to the Hony. General Secretary and the Hony. Treasurer, well in advance, yet no step was taken.

Hence, this is sincere request to all the concerns authorities, especially the Press & Media to publish my grievance in the local and daily newspapers, so that the school authorities roll back their decision and I do get back my position and job responsibility with complete dignity, which I had carried for 7 long years.

It is always said that the Press & Media, always plays an important and responsible role in the Society and I being an employee of the School appeals for Justice by taking the help you all.

Hoping for a positive response and justice.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Atanu Roy
Staff of ADLS Sunshine School, Sakchi, Jamshedpur
Mobile No.: 9031305575, 9931121038

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