Ansals Rigoss not maintaining internal roads in Sec 57

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Dear Sir,
1. We the residents of F Block, Sushant Lok II, Sector 57, Gurgaon, have been complaining for more than 10 years, for our internal roads to be constructed. They are filled with pot holes and Rigoss turns a deaf ear. Only the main roads are tarred off and on.

2. Stray dog , pig and cattle menace are on the increase and we are constantly living in fear of being bitten by dogs.

3. The Chief Minister of Haryana hasnt’t paid a surprise visit to our sector, hence the authorities are not concerned at all. We as citizens are paying maintenance and are getting nothing in return.

4. Ansals ignores our complaints.

5. Unauthorised Guest houses are flourishing in residential areas, burdening the infra structure meant for homes There’s a Guest House in our F block lane, with the kitchen in the basement which is illegal.

We would appreciate if you could look into this matter urgently, as we have a very promising Prime Minister, who is very approachable..

Thanking you and hoping to live in good surroundings


Residents of F Block
Sushant Lok II Sector 57
Gurgaon 122011

Ansals Rigoss not maintaining internal roads in Sec 57
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