Anup Kumar Agarwal – Pilibhit – 262001 [U.P.]

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Respected P.M. Sir
Indian Government
New Delhi
I m Anoop Kumar Agarwal s/o Ashok Kumar Agarwal r/o sahukara, Pilibhit. Sir ji some unsocial elements [bhumafia – Satpal Singh Sandhu r/o godawari estate colony, Pilibhit backing by Satish Jaiswal, pushp institute, bankati road, Pilibhit] threatening me to sell my plot situated at GRAM: MUDIA PANAIE [SUNGADIE] ANDAR CHUNGI City & District Pilibhit, GATA NO. 155/1 & 156/1. They are threatening if I will not sell my plot they will forcefully get that plot.
I m feeling my life & property is in danger, Kindly help me to save my life & property.

Anoop Kumar Agarwal
Sahukara – 82
Pilibhit – 262001
MO. 9412554791

Anup Kumar Agarwal – Pilibhit – 262001 [U.P.]
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