Apple india not covering display issue in warranty

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Serial No DX3NQ0Y4FRC6 Phone under Warranty Case No 847516657

Myself one of good user of apple products is actually not happy with the service what i have got in my latest experience with iPhone 5s Gold.

In my phone there is no physical or any external damage.
Initially when i visited Maple service centre i didn’t got any information about any damage which is not getting covered in warranty as display color was only blur.
As i was not having any stand by phone again i had to visit the same store by eod of same day visit of maple service centre, mean while there were 2 dots appeared on screen and upfrontly i was told that this is physical damage and wont be covered in warranty, as this happens due to pressure or weight on phone.
Believe me nothing so had happened from me as i am very much careful while using my phone.

Post 3 days i got a call from maple service centre that this display issue was due to moisture and not pressure.
I was i rated with this experience.

Then i contacted on service no of apple india i.e 0008001009009.
Post going to lot of conversation i was asked to visit Maple store and call on the same no.
I have done so, i don’t know what was the conversation with engineer of maple store and apple india advisor, finally i got the conclusion that this display issue was due to moisture and pressure both.

Now i am asked to pay indian rupees 21000/- for replacement of hand set as it was not getting covered under warranty.

Believe me there was no such issues from my side for which display issue can arise.
I am asked to pay without any of my fault, hardly i have used this phone for around 6 months and so many issues started.
Some where hand set was faulty but no one is there to address my query, now situation for me have become panic even after spending so much.

I am not willing to pay any thing for the fault which is not from my side.

Request your kind intervention to get this issue resolved.

Please help me out in getting this sorted.

Apple india not covering display issue in warranty
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