Application For Cancellation My Termination Without Notice Period

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It is requested you that I had joined as Project Eng. Trainee at shriram institute for industrial research delhi on May 21 ,2012 for 1 year project but I had signed a service bond for three years with this institute and when I appointed in institute ,HR Manager told me that you should do hard work and give very good performance in your work we will appoint you as a permanent employee after three year completion of your services and I am doing my work with my best force in institute
Now institute HR manager told me that you have two option for leaving job 1. You signed resignation yourself,2. We will terminate you forcedly and they were all ready many employee terminated
It is humbly requested you that you do needful for me ,I have fully responsible for my complete family ,its my dream that I will work till my age 60

Amar Singh Meena
Project Eng.
Shriram Institute For Industrial Research delhi
Delhi University Road,
New Delhi

Application For Cancellation My Termination Without Notice Period
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