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To whom so ever concerned.
I had pursed a wireless router a year back which is not working. I took it to the service station which is like 3hrs away from my place, they say the will replace the same as they dont have the stock it will take 5 to 6 day. Till that time I asked for a spare router for temporary use so that my work does not stop. After that I called your helpline no, Mr Rakesh Khushwa was the 1st agent I was talking to. He did not help me at all just was keen to put the phone when I told him to connect me to some senior he said he is not available on the floor then on my request he told me he will connect my call to the service center person and kept my call on hold for 39 min. After that i waited for 10min thinking they will revert to my call again I called on the helpline no Mr Anil Patel who kept my phone on hold for 13min and that the floor incahrege Mr Shiv Raguwanshi came oh the phone he was laughing and making fun. Trust me either solve this issue or close the Customer Care service You have wasted my 1 hr. In case u need the recording I have
it on my phone

Jiten Mehta

ASUS Complaint
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