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Hello sir

My name is Ashutosh Gola. I want to draw your kind attention towards the ATM frauds which is spreading nowadays like viruses in our industry. I am sure that you have read the newspaper daily and you knew that daily a lot of complaints logged related to ATM frauds and lot of people lost their savings due to this spreading virus.
Today my mother also received a call like this from no. 8676826330, the person asked that he is calling from Union bank and asking for the Card no, CVV code and he sent the OTP on the registered no., as I knew about these scams. So I asked my mother not to share the password with him and we have somehow managed to save our savings but on !st January my grand parents have lost their money (35,000) due to the scams. My brother went to our local police station to report the issue, the policeman told that we have lots of complaints but they are unable to catch those jerks.
So, I would request you to please take an action against this else a lot of people will lost their money which they have saved for the emergency.
My main concern is that how those bastards get the details of the customers as they call with full confidence and they knew about our Ongoing issue.

Please make our banks safe. So that people won’t hesitate in depositing their money in the banks.

Please check the security of the banks and take appropriate action.

Ashutosh Shankar Gola
from – Bhajan Pura

ATM Frauds
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