Attempt to Murder by the mob of 150+ illegal hawkers at Goregoan West in front of Policemen

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Respected Home Minister,

My name is Sanjay Khimesra representing – Mera Haq Mera Adhikar Foundation as a National Vice-President as well as i am an Editor of English newspaper – Across Mumbai. Recently i also joined CRPC – Citizens Right Protection Committee (NGO) and also been appointed as National Advisor to Mumbai Awaaz.

There are around more then 100 hawkers sitting outside our society and captured both the side of the road. 2 to 3 days back when we were coming to home one of the hawker had blocked the building entrance and argued and spoke in a bad words to which we complained to Commissioner of Police to Jt. CP Crime Deven Bharti to Jt.CP Atulchandra Kulkarni to DGP office mentioning the details of Life threatening given by the hawker.

Another day when my wife was coming to home the same hawker approached back to her and threatened to cut into pieces. We then decided to remove the entire bunch of illegal hawkers and started complaining on 100 and North Control Room.

We got less response from Goregaon West police station as Sr PI Sunil Wadke and PRO Lata Shirshat was totally non-responsive since several days. They are totally corrupt officer and they did not initiated any action.

We complained to BMC and the BMC put their VAN from 4 pm to 6 pm and then the same all overcrowding capturing the whole road started. We then again restarted complaining to 100 and North Control Room and the action was initiated.

Today around 100 to 150 hawkers gathered from all over the Goregaon and the conspiracy to kill me & my wife Kavita Thakker Khimesra in between the mob was initiated by 4 to 5 people named Arif Shaikh from Prem Nagar, Goregaon West, Vishnu Gaikwad staying at Borivali East at Tata Power, Munna Thattera residing at S.V.Road above MC Donald’s building, Goregaon West and Rajendra (Kalia – Hafta Collector) from hawker and 2 to 3 unknown person whom i can identify personally when they will come in front of me.

When the police van appeared on the spot one of the beat marshal called me to come on the spot and told me where is the hawkers? I came immediately from one of the shop 150 meters away and showed him ….that what is this 100 to 150 standing all here and there…

I started taking VIDEO of all of them i.e. The mob which could prove very very dangerous to a Common man when they come in a strength of 100’s in ratio and the same came true.

There were only 2 policemen in VARDI and 2 in civil clothes and myself standing and talking and i told that – “I don’t want a single hawker outside my societies and there is no identity of a single hawker with police station or BMC.

I just started taking VIDEO clips for my safety when i saw one of the problem creator trying to become NETA of hawkers shouted ..Maro Maro…Kill kill him and he came on my body to give a blow with 15 to 30 people gang and the same time the policemen came in between and asked me to stop the VIDEO. But i continued taking VIDEO of Arif who came on my body to kill me…. In the mean time the another mob gang Munna Thattera, Vishnu Gaikwad, Rajendra (Kalia) and 2-3 unknown person came with number of people from another side to attack by shouting… Some odd even slogan to kill but the policemen who were all alone took me inside the police van and requested me not to come outside as if anyone from the mob kill you police vardi will get tainted and till the time i am there i will alone take care of all the 150 people.

I told the policemen who came and sat next to me in the police van that this was the thing i was trying since morning, yesterday to explain Jt. Commisisoner Deven Bharti and Jt. Commissioner Atulchandra Kulkarni where Jt. Commissioner Deven Bharti was very very rude and threw the rudely words on my phone and said .. Removing hawkers is the BMC job and not police job and slammed the phone on my face. I then called Jt.Commissioner Atulchandra Kulkarni from the Crime and he spoke politely listened to my statement and asked me to drop a mail immediately so that he will take care. DCP Vikram Deshamane is useless who never pick up the phone at the time of hour of need too. The entire range of police officer from Sr PI Sunil Wadke, PRO Lata Shirshat, ACP Suresh Shinde, DCP Vikram Deshamane is just Good for Nothing. They are there .. They are not there.. It is one and the same thing as all are there to mint money.

But still i did not lost the courage neither i got feared and sat in the police van. I started calling North Control room and informed the attack and they told that they are sending more police force but no one came on the spot. No response from North Control room i called Jt Commissioner Atulchandra Kulkarni and i explained the situation that 150+ hawker mob are attempting to attack and trying to kill me and i am now in police van and i need more police force.. I also gave the phone to the policemen who were supporting me spoke to Jt Commissioner but no extra police force appeared on the spot.

Lastly the entire hawkers started punching the police van from all over the side and trying to damage my life but the policemen had requested the driver to move to police station. We reached police station and my wife also appeared the police station with some of our NGO social worker. Outside the police station the hawkers Union leader and all other hawkers in hundred accumulated.

In Police Station Arif Shaikh brought and presented one of the person saying that Sanjay Khimesra had beaten him and asked to take a case against me but the police officer knew that he is trying to put a false case and did not entertained his request and after some time both left the police station seeing that nothing is going to happen.

Then the case was being handled by PI Crime Kamble and API Katkar and had a discussion with us and called the Union leader too. PI Crime Kamble and API Katkar also spoke to the hawker union leader and told that day by day the situation is going worse and if the same is not handled properly things may turn wild.

And lastly we were asked to give the statement which i told the Officer that i want to leave immediately as my 9 year old son is alone.
Arif Shaikh, Munna Thattera, Vishnu Gaikwad, Rajendra (Kalia) and others were talking to 4 to 5 unknown person and pointing the finger to me and my wife. There were around 150+ hawkers and others few female approached police station and were coming on our body as to why we are taking action and all rubbish. As we were leaving the police station few 10 to 15 person in the bike planned to attack on our way home and looking & observing all this crucial situation PI Kamble asked one of his PSI to escot us home safely as he had already known the intention of hawkers.

We were attacked by these mob of illegal hawkers 3 to 4 years back and all this had been flashed in all the news in Times of India and all other leading news paper and we were supported by DCP Dr Mahesh Patil, ACP Uttam Khermode and DCP Crime Dhoble who ensured our safety and hence we are alive today because of them. Again the same story got repeated as the illegal hawker menace had grown multifold.

We would kindly request you to provide the police protection as the above four mentioned has threatened us to kill using the help of mob and making the reason of mob and if not us then they have planned to damage/kidnap my 9 year old son.

If anything happens to me and my family the above four mentioned & other 2 i can identify by looking face would be fully responsible for our life. Also Sr PI Sunil Wadke, PRO Lata Shirshat, ACP Suresh Shinde, DCP Vikram Deshmane should be held responsible for giving HEAD to illegal hawking just for the sake of HAFTA. These officer are not bothered of public safety and nothing matters if somebody fighting against illegal activity get killed. We never got any support from all the above rank officers and we cannot rely on our safety on them.

Thanks & Regards
Mera Haq Mera Adhikar Foundation\
Sanjay Khimesra
National Vice-President
war begins when law fails

Attempt to Murder by the mob of 150+ illegal hawkers at Goregoan West in front of Policemen
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