Avoidance and Harrasement

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I bought a Spice MI-517 phone and there was a manufacturing defect with the display. I took it to the spice authorized service center on May 9th, 2015 at 11:20 am and was given an assurance that i’ll get my phone back with the defect rectified and corrected with 15 days. I visited the service center n number of times after the given date and subsequently spoke to Spice customer care as well but I got nowhere and was left in grief. The kept on giving the extended dates and informed that the part is not available. My question is, why is company selling the product and giving warranty if they cannot stand for it. Who’ll bear for my losses, my time, my money and everything. I am seriously tired with the company’s behavior and the way of approach. On speaking to the Team Leader on customer care line, he denied to provide he email id of the appellate officer’s email id too and sounded very rude. I want some strict action to be taken against the company so that they do not make fool of the customers and harass them.

Avoidance and Harrasement
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