BABITA AGRAWAL CREDIT CARD Issue Of Union Bank Credit Card

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Dear Sir,

I wish to draw your attention i have closed this credit card 4-5 years back but continously i am receiveing monthly statement with loading of monthly charges and this fact came to know me now suddenly when i have taken cibil report, it you analysis my statement you will found there is no use of this card since from last 4-5 years and also it was not reflect earlier in my cibil till last month, even i was unware of the fact, I request to hon^ble authority to look into seriously and wave all my charges which is charged and show me if any principal amount pending according to UBI , as per my records i have cleared and closed this card and also submitted application in Aurangabad Bajrang Chowk Branch, It was very shocking to see the huge amout chaged created on my this credit card which shows poor credit report of mine unwantely without any fault.
It is humble request to do needfull on urgent basis.

Thanks & Regards
Babita Agrawal

BABITA AGRAWAL CREDIT CARD Issue Of Union Bank Credit Card
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