Bad Service By Toyota Service Center

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Dear Sir/Mam,
I am a proud owner of 3 Toyota vehicles .I am happy to say that they are best tin there class and I have had no problems or I shall say least
problems till now.Further I want to bring to your notice that I had send My Toyota etios and Toyota corolla for servicing to Espirit Toyota ,Mohan
Cooperative Industrial Area this Month and In both the vehicles A/C were working efficiently.But I am sorry to say that when I received them
A/C’s in both the vehicles were found less effective cooling wise in case of Etios and not effective at all in Corolla.When I contacted one Mr
Harish of Espirit , I was told the gas has got leaked from the AC coil and there will be additional charges.When I asked them how it has happened
as in morning the AC was absolutely fine and by evening it is not affected at all.The said it can happen any time but I fail to understand that a
vehicle which is 9 years old and when with me was ok as just within 10 hours when it went to the service station it got faulty and that too not
only corolla but Etios also.This is no coincidence.Despite my arguing they failed to rectify the problem and demanded additional charges which
obviously I declined.Now I want to officially complain this to you as to how as a customer I will send my vehicle next time to an authorize
service station of Toyota without the confidence that the vehicle will not be tampred with.My vehicle numbers are :
HR 51 U 4407 Corolla
HR 51 AP 4560 Etios
I also want to give my background.I am a manufacturer of sheet metal parts and a Vendor to Denso India Limited and Hence am a tier II vendor
to Toyota Kirloskar.Many parts manufactured by me are indirectly being used in your vehicles.I hope you will take concrete action in this issue
and restore my confidence again.I look forward to a positive and immediate response from your side.

Bad Service By Toyota Service Center
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