Bad Service from Micromax Service Center

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I bought a Micromax Handset on 19.05.2015 and within one week I face some problems with the Handset. I went to service center at Durgapur Ambuja Complex and they told me my Handset sold on 25.03.2015. I shocked with that information because I get the sealed pack handset on 19.04.2015. They took my Handset for service and I give a complaint mail to Micromax but don’t get any reply from them. After some days I get my handset back from them and they told me its serviced well but the problems having same and my mobile get switcvh off time to time, Network failure and charge issue also. on 19.09.2015 I went to the service center again and they took my handset. After One month on 19.10.2015 I get my Handset back. My father took the delivery of the Handset as I was not here and today when I am checking this I found a lots of issue.
First of all I found a lots of Contact number which is totally unknown to me that means they use my handset used by another person which is illegal.
My battery changed without informing me.
The keys of the handset not working properly.
In this situation I don’t know what step should be taken. Please help me to take a action against this.

Bad Service from Micromax Service Center
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  1. Mahesh

    I purchased micromax mobile on 27/3/15. I gave it to repair to micromax authorized service centre s3 communications in jaynagar 3rd block on 24/8/15. Till today 26/10/15 is not yet repaired such a worst service given by micromax company, I never expect these type of service from a big company. I thought to go for consumer court.

  2. gourav bansal

    maine apna phn care centre me diya tha wo 25 din hoge ab tak tik krke ni diya hai bhut kharb service h eski

  3. mohit

    I m not able to contact the micromax service centre as the contact number given here doesn’t exist

  4. Nivedan Paswan

    भारत का पेहला आल इन वन इँटरनैशनल ऍतिहासिक/NGO/= राजीव गाँधी अनाथ आळम समिती = RAJEEV GANDHI ANATH AASHARAM SAMITI. =प्रगतीपथपर = अधयळ = निवेदन पासवान = मो0न0=1=09837818666. =2=07669370666. = E-mail: & = website:

  5. kishore7837

    Dear Sir,

    I have purchased a mobile for my spouse(MMX A316 HUE 2(White+Gold) from Zee Computer located at Duliajan in the district of Dibrugarh in the state of Assam on 21.08.2015. The said mobile was suddenly off on 07.10.2015 and handed over to Zee Computer on the same day ( Ref.: Job no:6244 and under Warranty) for further forwarding to Micromax service centre at Tinsukia, Assam. Accordingly, I have acknowledge the same message as quoted below on 20.10.2015, 23.10.2015 and 24.10.2015.
    In this situation I don’t know what step should be taken. Please help me to take a action against this.


    “Dear Customer, your device deposited with us under jobsheet no. EO 20330-1015-19657766 has been repaired. Please collect it from the service center, Regards Micromax service”


    I could not collect my mobile on the prescribed date as I was out of station. However, today when the person from Zee computer arrived at the service center to collect the serviced mobile, then your service center at Tinsukia informed at my mobile no. 9954444646 the mobile set has not repaired and the same has to be sent to company’s Head office and it may require at least 25 days.

  6. prodip mazumder

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