Bajaj Fiserve screwed me up by refussing to there commitment for mobile insurance

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Dear help desk,

My name is Rohit Gothwal. I bought a cell phone of cost 19,000INR with the help of Bajaj Finance consumer loan, on the same day I received a call from one of their department to buy mobile insurance which will cover the theft and damage protection. The assurance was “In case your handset gets theft or if gets stolen, our insurance cover will provide compensation equivalent to the cost of replacement of the instrument by a new instrument of similar specification and similar capacity, including all taxes and duties.”
which will cost 1100 and they started to deduct that amount with my loan EMI from the beginning without any additional documents or written permission. I have not received any hard copy of that contract till yet. After 6 months some one stolen my cell phone while travelling from the bus. I raised complaint in local police station for the same and I went to the Bajaj to claim my insurance amount. But They totally refused to pay the amount and they are telling me that the different product is showing in your account which is not the mobile insurance. It saddens my heart. I contacted all the higher authority for reimbursement of this dispute. And now They are threatening us with the abusive language and forcing to pay the EMI without expecting any help from there side..
The loan is on my father’s name and he is heart patient from many years. They used very bad language with my father to collect the amount and he is in depression due to this whole trouble.

I am no one to fight against the Bajaj company because they are much powerful with there money. I believe there are still some organisation in our nation who can really help me in this.

I hope you will help me to get rid from this.
My contact number is +918655596803 and I live in navi mumbai.

Please help me with the appropriate steps that should be taken after this.

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bajaj Fiserve screwed me up by refussing to there commitment for mobile insurance
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