Balance Deduction From Idea Number

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Dear Sir/Mam,
I am not happy with your services. I am the new customer of the Idea. Last night again your company has deduct my balance of 25.00 Rs. And when in today morning i called your executives than they talk very rudely and cut my call. When i again contact with them than again give same response i said that if you will not give a any good response than I will go with my complain tp your seniors than Mam said that if you want than you can go. Bt we will not give you any support.
Now tell me dear what i do???? I am not belong rich family. This is not first time when my balance deduct from my a/c. And one thing noted more than when my net or any other services has finished than why we get not any information from Idea????

I request to you plz dear plz solve my problem. Plzzzz. Otherwise may be i will leave this company with more issues.

Waiting for your reply
Chinkey Jain
Mo: 8941001715
Dates : 05.08.2015

Balance Deduction From Idea Number
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