Banking` Fraud Matter

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Mr. Narendra Modiji
Sub:- Misappropriate or fraud Of Mr. Sanjy Shah SB A/c No. 001210100058006 Rs. 24,50,000/- & Mrs. Payal Sanjay Shah SB A/c. NO. 001210110010209 Rs.20,00,000/- Committed by the Branch manager Mr. Sanjay Kumar Bank Of India C.P.Tank Branch V.P.Road, Mumbai – 400 004.
1) The Name of the address Mr. Sanjay Babulal Shah
of the Complaint Mrs. Payal Sanjay Shah

2) The Name And Address of the Mr. Sanjay Kumar
Branch Manager or office of the Branch Manager
Bank against which the Bank Of India
Complaint is made C.P.Tank, V.P.Road,
Girgaon Mumbai – 400 004

3) The facts giving rise to the complaint and issue requiring resolution:

1) we are joint saving bank account holders in the C.P.tank Branch Of Bank of india, V.P.road Girgaon, Mumbai – 400 004 our saving Bank A/c. Numbers are 001210100058006 and 001210110010209. We are operating the both accounts for the last 9 to 10 years.
2) We say that on 19-11-2014, we received amount of Rs. 24,50,000/- and 20,00,000/- in our aforesaid saving Bank accounts from M/s. lucky Tubes Corporation having its bank account with Andhra Bank, opera House Branch, Mumbai, 400 004 Accordingly on 19-11-2014 the balance of our saving Bank accounts Rs. 24,60,196=56 ps. And Rs. 20,02,929=00 respectively with Bank of India, enclosed herewith are statements of our said saving Bank Accounts.
3) We say that surprisingly on next date i.e. on 20-11-2014 we learnt that amount of Rs. 24,50,000/- and Rs. 20,00,000/- was withdrawn from our aforesaid saving Bank accounts was without any instrument. We got surprised and immediately at about 10.30 a.m. I ( Mr. Sajay Shah)went to the Branch Manager Mr. Sanjay Kumar for making enquiry. Intially Mr. Sanjay kumar did not allow him. He compelled Mr. Sanjay Shah to seat outside his cabin about 2 hrs. i.e. till 12.30 p.m. thereafter, we realized that our said amount Rs. 44,50,000/- has been misappropriated, so we were Very anxious to know what happened. After several attempts, Mr. Sanjay Kumar allowed to enter in this cabin. When after enquiry, he told it was wrong RTGS, therefore, the said amount was re-transferred to Andhra Bank in the same account. We asked him without our permission/consent or cheque or withdraw slip, how the said amount was transferred? Mr. Sanjay Kumar did not give us proper answer. Immediately we made enquiry with M/s. Lucky Tube Corporation we found, said amount was not re-transferred to M/s. Lucky Tube Corporation also.
4) Finally we realized that mr. Sanjay Kumar and hid staff of Bank Of India C.P.Tank Branch misappropriated our aforesaid amount Rs. 44,50,000/- and Committed Fraud Also
5) Since Mr. Sanjay Kumar is not giving Proper explanation & pressurizing withdraw the complaint Hence we approaching this Hone’ble Authority.
6) The Relief Sought: we therefore Pray:
7) Finally last 7 to 8 Month But No Problem Solved to Bank Of India Missguide. So Please My Help Me. & Valuable reply me.
So, Please Contact Me.
Mr. Sanjay Babulal Shah
Mob. No. 09892022640/ 022-66595003/66595004

Banking` Fraud Matter
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  1. Anmol kumr

    Sir, my CBI a/c no is 3117311118 saving acount, i have sufficient balance and i m out of state, my ATM card is blocked with out any information so thats why i suffered a big problem due to money, so plz kindelly solve this


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