Basic Facilities Not Available

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Hi, i am mary. I want zee news help so that children of my school get basic facility of proper drinking water, toilet, building, computer and other subject education i want my fellow friends to feel safe at school. There is no principal in school. The management charges heavy fees but facilities provided are nil. My mother was a teacher but left the school due to fear. We and other parents of my classmates and friends can give you all the information but we cannot risk our life coming into limelight. Can you people help us by coming over here to our town. Please help us students as we are at least 6000 in number. Local police and the M.L.A is providing help to the management. You call at my mother’s no 09584835998, 09407712079, 07882226439 . I study in Mar Gregorious Memorial school, bhilai . It’s a shame for a christian school what the management is doing. Recently I saw your news on gas leak in bhilai steel plant. Then only I came to know that your channel reaches to small towns also. Pls call my mother. My friends mother will help you by arranging a meeting with other parents but this should be kept secret because we have a strong feeling that in all these the Head of the Diocese The Bishop is also involved. Please do come for our help. Waiting with hope and confidence.

Basic Facilities Not Available
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