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its my 2nd samsung galaxy note 3 in 2 yrs… the last one had the same problems as this one… but i ignored the problems as i thoght it was just a co-incidence that it was a faulty handset and bought the same again but the problem is in every samsung mobile
pathetic battery quality and life….keeps on discharging while on charge…
factory version cable with mobile is very bad… have spent 3000rs. on it still not working..
have to take nex-tech (other brand) cable to charge it…the clips that hold battery are lose… i have to keep a paper folded inserted with the battery to make it work.. when paper is removed handset gets switched off…. hanging very frequently…. switching on and off again and again….
network getting disconnected every now and then… not a sim problem , its a handset defect….battery drains on its own…overheating issue… cannot even keep it in my pocket…nor talk … it so hot……
i recommend everyone… warn everyone not to buy samsung mobiles…

battery and software
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