Beat Buy Babies

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The manager at the best best in Hurricane, Utah told his employees ever to let me into his store again because I claimed that his store miss informed me and did not give me the facts when I I bought my cell phone. What I told him was that I think his store cheated me, and people should be awaresee that they dont get cheated also from the lack of information the employees don’t tell you. They tell you, if you buy the warranty, they will replace your place for free. Which is a BIG LIE!!! When I tried to tell them something was wrong with my phone it would cost $149. I called him a cheater. He yell across the store and said “If you see this women come into my store again, I want you to kick her out.!!!! She is not allowed in this store again.!!! The only person who should be kicked out is the manager for is lack of professional attitude, and his childish behavior.

Beat Buy Babies
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