Being a Ex Staff of PNB Pension rejected

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I am a Ex.staff of Punjab National Bank and my Pension option rejected due to small reason as I was little late to pay Bank contribution amt. Rs. 115920/-.I requested so many times to our HO at N.Delhi and also personally visited to HO to handover my chq. and that was accepted by DGM but again my request not accepted. From 2010 i am struggling to get my pension which is due from 2009 but bank says we have closed the cases which have not paid that amt. in time.

For this reason only my pesion is refused and in my family husband lost his vision and daughter also getting marry soon then how can i survive my further life without pension where i worked for my bank 18yrs of service.

Pl do something and allow to get my pension from my bank

Seema Mungekar (Mob. 9768710977) PF no 111523

Being a Ex Staff of PNB Pension rejected
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