BEST Improper Management

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4 Km – Distance from Jogeshwari west railway station to Adarsh Nagar

Dear BEST manager,

After hiking the fare…clearly mentioned that 2-4km = Rs. 8/- 4-6km = Rs.10/- and so
this is regarding the honesty of BEST encountered when i travelled from Adarsh Nagar Bus Stop to Jogeshwari (W) Rly. Stn. where fare has to be Rs. 8/- but i am shocked after paying Rs. 10/- and discussed with conductor on this issue but he was helpless bcoz the structure was made by so-called honest management of BEST.

When fares already increased then why not implementing honestly…in this way BEST management is just cheating to common people of Mumbai…I will bring this into the notice of various newspapers & publications and will upload on FB, Twitter so as i m having full doubt about all other areas of Mumbai having small routes as well…and that to scanned & viewed properly by studying the distances with equal honesty.

First of all remove corruption from management as i know this bcoz my relatives have worked with BEST & taken voluntarily retirement in 2009…and he exposed everything about BEST corruptive management who just looting the common man as Mumbai people does not have ample time to go and fight with all this malpractices going within the BEST management.

Ready to reduce the fares otherwise will face problems in near future when BEST will be vanished totally from the Mumbai Roads.

Jai Hind
Jai Maharashtra
Jai Mumbai

BEST Improper Management
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