Big insect in Monther Dairy Milk

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There was a two-inch long insect (centipede) in the milk that I bought from the Mother DAiry shop NO. 330 located in Double Storey, NEW RAJINDRE NAGAR, NEw Delhi just now (7.00 am on 03 Aug 2015)!! When I went back to complain to the Booth attendant he started quarrelling with me and blaming me instead! He was not willing to listen even after I showed him the insect in the milk and he said that it might have been contained in the container beforehand! But that is impossible becuase the milk container in my home is always kept closed with a tight lid. I have also shown it to other customers on the spot. But neither the attendant accepted his fault not refunded my money. (I am not interested in the refund) but this is a very very serious case where the milk might have been poisoned and he is still selling the same milk to other customers. PLEASE TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION TO SAVE THE LIFE OF PEOPLE!!! Mother Dairy and its staff will be responsible for any incident. I have done my duty. Please take immediate action. Also please let me know what action you have taken. Thx.

Big insect in Monther Dairy Milk
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