Bike Damaged in Jain Suzuki Service Center, Pallavaram, Chennai.

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I’m the owner of Suzuki Gixxer Bike (Blue) TN 11 K 2512, which was purchased by me on 10.11.2014 from Jain Suzuki, Pallavram, Chennai. I have given my bike for service on 08.09.2015 evening with Jain Suzuki, Pallavarm, Chennai.
My bike was in very good condition at the time of giving to the service centre to the service intake person (Suresh is the person’s name who had put the job card for my vehicle on 08.09.2015). My bike had been given to the service centre with no scratches on that day with only two minimal complaints. It includes adjustment of High beam light and Gear shifting problem.
Now I would like to say that both of my complaints have not been rectified by them and also my bike is not so properly cleaned. Since it is a free service, they are not ready to clean the bike properly?!?
The main concern why I want to make a complaint note about the bike is that they damaged my bike during the service period. They damaged my Bike Front Mudguard with full of scratches due to contact with the bumper (Bumper was touching the mudguard tail area) at the time of taking delivery. I saw with my eyes that the bumper was touching the mudguard while they delivered my bike to me on 10.09.2015 evening. This was very pathetic to the customer to see with scratches in bike mudguard at the time of taking delivery of a vehicle. It can never be accepted, since it happened in the Suzuki Service centre.
People who work in Jain Suzuki has commented that this happened due to non- purchase of Bumper with Suzuki since normally it will touch the mudguard. I purchased the bumper with Jain Suzuki on 10.11.2014 at the time of taking delivery. Will the bumper contact with mudguard normally?! If so, then it is not a genuine part of Suzuki?! People who are working in the Jain Suzuki are not matured enough to speak with customers and speaking some unethical words.
Finally I escalated this problem to the Service manager of Jain Suzuki, Pallavaram, Chennai immediately after seeing my bike condition. His name is Iyarkaiarasu, Mobile no : +91 9080408100. He agreed the mistake and apologised for the condition of my bike and he has asked me to leave the bike for further processing. But I’m not convinced with his words and have taken my bike immediately due to some urgent personal work. For a temporary adjustment, they had taken my bike immediately to service carriage inside and altered the screws in bumper/mudguard for the problem. But the scratches remain same in the mudguard due to the contact it had already with the bumper rod.
Even though if they painted with blue colour, will it look flawless as that of original?!?
I need my bike in the original condition as like before, i.e., as on 08.09.2015. I would like to place a note to the Suzuki Service Head, please do replace the item which was damaged by Jain Suzuki during the time of service.
I am totally disappointed with the Suzuki service for the past 10 months and nothing seems great with the service people.
I earnestly believe at least a responsible person would contact me in regarding to the issue!

Ramanathan V
Mobile No: +91 98434 78798.
Email id :

Bike Damaged in Jain Suzuki Service Center, Pallavaram, Chennai.
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