Bill Amount more than explained by Reliance Postpaid

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I have moved(ported) to Reliance postpaid from Airtel about a 45 days ago. As they told me that its Reliance Jalsa Plan Rs. 1198/- per Month & if you port in Reliance then it will be given you on half rate than mean Rs. 599/- per month + service tax. They said that the total bill amount will be maximum Rs 700/- per month. There are no any charges, no roaming, no calling limit, they said its unlimited plan.
But after porting in Reliance postpaid they sent me the bill for one month (bill period 9th March 2016 to 8th April 2016) for Rs. 1521/- & the reason they said that its a policy of Reliance. If you made calls on any 1 number about a 20 hours in a week then your plan will be automatically changed. There are no any warnings before change the plan.

May I know who can help me to solve this problem.

I’m feeling cheated.

Bill Amount more than explained by Reliance Postpaid
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