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Hi Team,

Can you please help me with this

I am really pissed off looking at my this months bill. I have been a customer of yours for more than 7 years and have not seen bills for more than Rs. 500. Now, I have received a bill of more than Rs. 6000. I went up to the Vodafone store and asked for a plan change and they told me that 1.5 GB of 2G data and this is unlimited. When I exceeded my data usage limit, I got a text that my speed has reduced but nothing to say that I will be charged. I want to raise a complaint as I refuse to pay this charge. Look at my bill over the last couple of years and see how loyal I have been a customer to you.

Today I notice that the services have been restricted as well. This is not done. I need this resumed as the bill is under dispute. If I would have known that the the internet in limited, I would not have used this much.

Can you all please respond asap

My date of birth is 12-09-1985

Plan is 299



Bill dispute
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