Bill June 2015

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Received June 15 bill from vodafone amounting to Rs.3465/- Out of this Rs. 2520/- ia for ISD call. Now I don’t have any relatives abroad hence no question of making ISD calls. Then who did it? My phone is always in my custody. I asked vodafone to give me details of the ISD call with name & address. I am associated with Vodafone for morethan 16 years and such things never happened. Can anybody from vodafone can use my number to make an ISD call? This is very dangerous and if it continued then I am a goner for no fault of mine. My vodafone bills are around 1000/- or so. I can not pay such a large amount without my fault. I earnestly request you to do needful solidly to stop such unlawful practices, because how am I to prove that I am not guilty ? But you rest a sure that I have no body in the foreign country because I have a very small family, leaving in Gujarat. Agaln I am requesting you to resolve this matter permanently, otherwise I can not pay my bill due in couple of days.

Bill June 2015
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