Bill not paid money taken by mobikwik by fraud and deducted from my account

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Dear Team
I am writing this complaint by highly dissatisfied by they deduct the amount from my Mobikwik Wallet and not paid my bill and fraudulently send me a text message that your bill has been successfully paid the bill amount RS 814 its a MTNL telephone bill i made the transaction on 20th October 2015 but today its 27 of October and still no payment is made and i have to pay the bill from MTNL online bill payment desk again same amount. Mobikwik is highly fraud company they are taking the money from customer and just ignore their transactions and complains for a longer period of time.I have raised more then 3 tickets ticket follows (#3710922) (#3728423) (#3740218) but no action has been taken and they are always saying we regret and works on your query but they are doing nothing beside only making new fools.just hate Mobikwik you are the worsts..Please do refund my money in my wallet as soon as possible and please dont play with customers hard earned money.have some corporate spirit if you can.Else your bad-will will become the worst-will in place of goodwill.

Bill not paid money taken by mobikwik by fraud and deducted from my account
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3 Responses to “Bill not paid money taken by mobikwik by fraud and deducted from my account”

  1. Moinuddin

    Mobikwik is fraud his my bank account balance debit but not paid my bill and not paid my wallet balance please refund my money 1400,

  2. vajitha

    i recharged postpaid bill payment of Rs 630 through freecharge company , my money was deducted but it gave a message that the recharge you made was unsuccessful. i mailed them the details of my payment they replied that their agent will contact shortly.i called customer care mtnl no. many times but they are lifting the call and not giving any reply .if freecharge wants to get fame like good company it will give my money back within stipulated hours.

  3. shatrughan varshney

    can anyboby guide me how file the case against Mobikwik and other companies who is this type of fraud to make money from his user.
    through offers …. company do this to make money only through there coustmer……..

    shatrughan varshney


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