BlackBerry Q10 defect and Warranty cancel

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I have purchased BlackBerry Q10 mobile phone at Lotus Mobiles, Bangalore, Karnataka ‎- 560020 on 27.11.2014 at Rs.21,700.00

This is to inform you that while purchasing they told us about warranty is as per BlackBerry Manufacturer Warranty is 18 months. But now you have been reduced to 12 months. I don’t why you have reduced to 12 months. But your making customers dissatisfaction of brand and currently I have a problem with KEYPAD ( ‘ H ‘key is been not working ‎properly. When took to local blackberry service centre they told us your warranty is closed and you need to pay Rs.2350.00 for replacing the KEYPAD to new one.

As being a loyal customer and consumer ‎for your BlackBerry mobiles since 10 years. I never had problems with previous ones. Kindly request you to help me in changing the KEYPAD under warranty and do the needful at earliest.

BlackBerry Q10 defect and Warranty cancel
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