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Dear sir;
my paytm account is temporary blocked without any reason. e. Earlier also you had blocked my ID but the same was unblocked after some days but this time I have more than two thousands in my account and now due to blockage I cannot purchase online. Earlier I had submitted my all identity proofs etc. with you and now i am surprised to see the blockage.
User name= 9855881815

my contact no. is 9855881815 but due no toll free number of paytm i facing this problem and i cannot speak you personally. pls provide the contact number also.

Block My Account
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6 Responses to “Block My Account”

  1. इं. श्रवणा चौधरी

    I have lost my teenpatti 69 cror. Plz return my chips and unblock my account

  2. shahensha shahensha

    i have lost 150 crore and my id is bloked so pls unlock my id and give me my chips back

  3. muskan khan

    My id is band sudden last 14 days i have no choice plz reyrn my chips nd unblock my id ….. plz sir


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