Bogus Medical University (Deemed to be University) at Wardha is operating since its inception in 2005

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Shri Deepak Chaurasia 24.6.2015 at 6:19 am

I was watching today from 00:08 am to 1:57 am keenly your Black Operation (Sting Operation involving Chaudhary Charan Singh Univ.). At the outset I want to thank you to let know the Indians such operation in details.

At Wardha one private Medical University (Deemed to be University) is being run by Education Mafias since its inception on 24.5.2005 granted by Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. During my 04 yrs of struggle I have collected under RTI Act all the University related documents from UGC, MCI, Nagpur University, Health Department of Govt. of Maharashtra, Nagpur University, etc. The documents are ready available with me.

In brief I am writing what the University documents say: 1. All the 03 V.C.s were selected by the Treasurer of the Charitable Trust Shri Sagar Meghe who is illiterate in Medical Sciences and these V.Cs are their persons. University Grant Commission (Institutions to be deemed to be Universities) Regulations 2010 [abbreviated as UGC(DU) Regulations 2010] bar any Trust person to interfere the University affairs. 2. The 1st V.C. Dr. Ved Prakash Mishra is mere an Associate Professor, don’t have any academics and he has no eligibility even to apply for the V.C. Post. This is the biggest Academic Scam in a Indian University. 2. The present (i.e. 3rd) V.C. Dr. Dilip Gode is a Private Practitioner at Nagpur!!! He don’t understand what is University; its natural for a Private Practitioner. 3. The Controller of Examinations (CoEs) of this Medical University Shri Deorao Kumbhare is a retired Clerk of Nagpur University. He is working as CoEs in this Medical University since 2005 & he is now 71 yrs. 4. The Registrar Dr. Rajiv Borle was selected & appointed by 1st fake V.C. dated 27 June 2011. 5. Previous Registrar Shri Ravi Meghe was never associated with University system. 6. Previous Dean (i.e. Principle) of the Medical College Dr. Vijay K. Deshpande is a mere Associate Professor & without any Academics. 7.The present Dean of Medical College Dr. Sandeep Shrivastava is very young and has no teaching experience at all!!! 8. Only 16 Medical Teachers are working legally (Selected as per UGC Selection Criteria) and rest were appointed illegally by the fake V.C.s. 9. In Dental College only Dean Dr. Ashok Pakhan is selected and all the Dental Teachers are working illegally. 10. The Ayurved, Physiotherapy & Nursing Colleges were grated by HRD Ministry on 23.7.2009 when the 1st fake V.C. was functioning. So, all these 03 Colleges running under this Bogus Medical University became fake. There is no legal Authority to appoint the Principals, Teachers of these respective disciplines. 11. The Chancellor Shri Datta Meghe, ex-M.P & Owner of this Bogus Medical University became illegal since 21.5.2010 as the said Regulations bar President of the Trust or his/her near relatives to become Chancellor. 12. When V.C. is fake, then University becomes Bogus. 13. One question is sufficient about illegality of these University Authorities – Why these University Authorities are from this Small Place; does India don’t have any Academicians? (as per UGC Regulations all are to be selected “On the basis of merit through all India advertisement”). 13. A “Deemed to be University” conducts its own entrance examination (SC verdict).

My important questions are – 1. Why this Private Medical University was made fake since its inception in 2005? 2. Under which Authority’s signature the Medical, Dental, Ayurved, Physiotherapy & Nursing students were admitted since 2005?

So, the students are fake and they belong to very rich families. These fake students are passed in examinations by the fake CoEs Shri Deorao S. Kumbhare who is mere a Clerk. Utimately, these fake Students became fake Doctors since 2010. Who will give Registrations to these fake Doctors. For this the Trust persons has made arrangement. The 1st fake V.C. has specialised in University elections (Retd. HC Justice Shri C. L. Pangarkar’s Probe Panel Report). He did election campaign for Dr. Kishor Taori and installed Dr. Taori as President of Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC). This Kishor Taori was one of the illegal Members of the Selection Committee of 2nd V.C. Dr. Anil Patwardhan dated 07.7.2011 and he has allowed Shri Sagar Meghe (illiterate in Medical Sciences & Treasurer of the Charitable Trust) to become Chairman of the V.C. Selection Committee. Actually Dr. Kishor Taori is a close person of the Trust persons. Knowingly. Dr. Taori has distributed & is distributing fake Medical Registrations to thousands of fake Doctors produced by this Bogus University. He is getting his share from this University. This is the biggest corruption in India and these fake Doctors have already killed many Citizens of India i.e. Patents. Dr. Kishor Taori has given me Reward i.e. he suspended my Medical Registration since 01.10.2012 for my “so called” immoral acts being a Physician preparing unsigned Minutes of Meeting of Inquiry without giving opportunity to Hear me i.e. violation of Principle of Natural Justice!!!

If Academicians are being appointed as Authorities of this Private Medical University, they won’t allow such biggest Crime by the University. The fake 1st V.C. is Chairman of Post-Graduate Committee in Medical Council of India (MCI) since 2014 and he is arranging to distribute fake Central Medical Registrations to these fake Doctors who are outside of Maharashtra State. This is an Organised Crime playing with the lives of the Citizens of India and These Education Mafias are more dangerous than the Underworld Mafias of Mumbai.

How much the students pay to get Medical Degrees? It is open secret in the University Campus at Wardha. For MBBS Degree minimum Rs.70/- lakhs in addition to high Tution Fees and it is in Cash for which University never gives Receipts. So, it is Black Money (“Capitation Free” by SC or “Donation” are misnomer terms). One M.D. (Radiology) Seat sells by Rs.3/- Crores!!! M.D./M.S. Seat of other branch Rs.1.5/- to 1.8/- Crores. On conservative estimate, this Bogus Medical University earns Rs.500/- Crores Black Money each year!!!! This is a lucrative Black Money Business keeping the fake of a Medical University.

“Nothing is free, everything has cost”. Who are paying the cost of this Black Money Business producing fake Doctors? When one become fake Doctor from this University spending Crores of Cash Money; they has to recover Money from their Patients. These fake Doctors literally “Extort” Money from the innocent Patients; but their lives are not guaranteed. Now a days fake Doctors take out “Kidney” from Patients and sell it. Medical Malpractice in India is too much.

My father was a dedicated Doctor. I am 57 yrs old Medical Professor & a Medical Researcher. I once protested in University against this white Collar Crime. The 1st fake V.C. charge-sheeted me through the fake Registrar on 01.6.2011 (just after my returning for Berlin, Germany, with Award for my Research; before this my Researches were Awarded twice 1st Prizes in India) for fake Sexual Harassment of my lady M.D. student and 1st yr 15 MBBS girl students and Insubordination to Higher Authorities of Univ. who are very under qualified. Ultimately, conducting 10 months of Departmental Inquiry I was terminated from Service on 26.5.2012; but the Inquiry Reports bear no signature i.e. fake Inquiry only to torture me.

These Education Mafias cannot do Organised Crime with the help of Police of Wardha and the Judges of the Wardha Court. I started filing Criminal Cases against the fake Authorities since the end of 2011; but the Judges are dismissing my Cases despite the University’s documents which revealed the modus operandi!!! As if I did Crime filing the Criminal Cases. 06 months back I submitted University’s documents to Deputy S. P. of Wardha officially writing which document tells what and asked him to arrest the fake & under qualified University Authorities to prevent them further doing such crime in future (as per the SC Verdict dated 02.7.2014; Arnesh Vs. State of Bihar & Anr). As reward of it Police illegally detained me at Police Station of Wardha for about hrs on 07.4.2015 with fake charges. I have filed Writ Petition at Nagpur High Court on 6.02.2015 In-Person; but the Judges became against me. I have done crime filing Writ Petition. . At present I am Penny less; still I will continue my fight. I will never retreat.

The Modus operendi of selling fake Degrees you showed in your Channel today is different – A racket is operating with the insiders of the University. But the Modus operendi of the Private Medical University is different – the University has been made deliberately Bogus and the Education Mafias themselves are selling Medical Degrees in Crores of Black Money.

Kindly think over it to show in your channel and your Channel will be first in India to show such Deadly Corruption against India by a Private Medical University. You take time and if you decide to show this in your Channel kindly mail me or ring me (my e.mail ID & Mobile number are mentioned bellow). Moreover, being a reputed Journalist I think you should tell the Truth to the Citizens what is going on in India.

Thanking you with Regards

Prof. Anjan Basak, M.D.
Mob.: +917798596620
Res.: 102 Arihant Apts/ Sawangi-442004/ Wardha/Maharashtra.

Bogus Medical University (Deemed to be University) at Wardha is operating since its inception in 2005
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