Booking no. RSHY9824 of Oyo Rooms

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I have booked the room in pharganj, new Delhi @ 1599 less 20% discount net 1279/- @ the time of booking I have clearly asked to OYO room representative what will be the early check-in cost he told me that 30% of fare or 500 which ever is higher provided room is available. I requested him that please calculate and let me know cost for room which I have booked, he told me Rs. 500/-.

Today when I  have check in early at 7.10 am OYO has debited Rs. 750/- on enquiry I got reply room rent is Rs. 3,000 plus and they have charged me less I.e given me discount without asking.

On further enquiry hotel manager is charging Rs. 1,500/- with out discount to non OYO customer for which OYO representative is telling cost is Rs. 3,400/-.

Please expedite…
Thanks, Sachin sheth

Booking no. RSHY9824 of Oyo Rooms
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