breakfast at oyo keshav, ahmedabad

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Breakfast in oyo rooms Keshav Hotel, CG Road, Ahmedabad is served after 10am.
It made no sense to me as I was not, nor will any fool stay put in a hotel room till 10am for want of breakfast, ignoring his primary purpose of lodging.
Pl do something about this. From 7:30am to 10am is the usual practice, in most places.
No complaints in any sort.
thanks for the friendly concept.

breakfast at oyo keshav, ahmedabad
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  1. OYO

    Dear Guest,
    We appreciate your feedback on where we could improve our services further. As we work to always provide the best hospitality and service to our guests, your valuable comments help us to focus on the areas of improvement. We assure you we’ll look into this for you.

    Thanks a lot for staying with us. Look forward to hosting you soon.


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